• 1. Could you please give me a favor of designing the bucket layout?
    We have Design Team to service on the layout in designing on plastic bucket for free, once we clarifying the applications of the bucket stored and the design style of your preference.
  • 2. What is the charge items referring to the IML labeling process of printing?
    Standard IML printing plate mould cost: USD 80 / each color (We will charge according to the colors of customer’s design drawing draft) The first ORDER of print film is required deposit USD 500, and we will refund to you after reaching a specific order quantity.
  • 3. If could do sample plastic bucket with IML printed?
    It will not be acceptable, due to the cost of new design film and the printing plate is customized. We could show you video of the film design in our display show room and on live with you.
  • 4. How is lead time of the customization of IML printed process of plastic bucket?
    We will be started IML process after internal labeling film completed, then we put into the injection molding machine for mass production, about 20~25 days.
  • 5. What is MOQ of IML printed plastic bucket?
    Capacity: 1L~10L MOQ is 2000 sets; Capacity 13L~25L MOQ is 1000 sets.
  • 6. What is In Mold Labeling (IML) print process?
    IML labeling is a revolutionary new system for customizing plastic packing a method that stands out for the way it successfully solves labeling problems, with a clean, integral look, as the label is perfectly integrated into the product pack itself. We take pride in all the molds we design manufacture. Through research and development, we invest in this technological improvements to provide the new printing product solutions and advanced mold technology. We provides manufacturing and related services in product design, tooling, project management, insert moulding, and in mould labeling (IML) and plastic injections.
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